viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Organize your time!

Hi everyone! Many times we feel that the time is not enough to make all our daily activities, but if we organize we can make them. Today we'll talk about how to organize your time and you can do for you to do anything you want.
Here is some tips, I hope they are useful.

First, think about what you do throughout the week (out with friends, going to school, go to work, etc.).Check the actual hours you spend in each activity. Then….
1.- Make a list and organize all your activities during the week and go to school, work, shop, do some recreational activity, go out with friends and others. (Organized at your convenience).

2. Order or organize all your past activities by relevance.
For example, if you are a student in the evenings you have to perform tasks, then you should make a list of your tasks to be performed in the order of importance.

3. In a calendar organizes daily activities and calculate how long you do each and begin to optimize the time.

Organize how long do certain things, as some work for school or a costume for your child, you should give some hours a week and follow them to the letter (this is the improved way to optimize your activities).
5.If you have a couple of hours you can do something recreational as reading, exercising, going for walks, go swimming, go out with friends, go dancing, etc.

 6. Remember. Use reminders of what to do, organize your calendar with times where you can see it or uses notes and stick them where you know that you'll see.

 Try these tips a week if you do not work do not worry you can make your business in another order, only it is very important that you organize a calendar and thereby optimize your time until after a habit in your life.

Do you know any other way to organize your time? What other way to optimize your activities would you recommend?

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  1. Your tips are really good! I think that help me so much (: <3

  2. I'd love to have more time available to rest and do all the things I like, but your suggestions I seems very good and I think they can help much

  3. hello. is very important the time, because We can do many things if we organize fully.

    for example when sometimes when we review and let us make a lot of work long before the time it reaches the test date we have time to study.

    we cute blog.

  4. I like your pictures. Good suggestions. I liked your blog